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Remember the legendary Cismont parties? A new contender emerged on September 18, 1999: The Tams at Ziggy's. If you were there, then these pictures will bring back great memories. If you couldn't make it, then you can see what you missed. (Click on the thumbnail images for full screen photos)

 himself relaxing before the big event

DAL50 on stage On stage with the Tams

DAL50 new moves Showing the Tams some new moves

DAL50 slow dance Slow dance with Jeanne

DAL50 blondes Dancing with the blondes

DAL50 kids The next generation learns from the masters

DAL50 backup band Dancing to the great backup band

DAL50 backstage Backstage with the Tams

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CREDITS: DAL50 could not have been possible without folks from Massachusetts; Connecticut; New York; Maryland; DC; Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, and NORTH CAROLINA, who together make up the world's greatest family and friends. DAL50 was dedicated to those who only could be there in spirit. Special thanks to the Jay and his gang at Ziggy's, and of course to the "Mighty, Mighty Tams."

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If you have photos that we can put up on this site, please email them to Dave Saum,
or mail the prints to PO Box 8007, Falls Church, VA 22041 so we can scan them and return the originals to you.

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