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======Climb2000 5/6/00 Status========================

Greetings fellow climbers,

It is that time of year again: time to
start planning for a mountain climb after
the July 1-7 TOC Summer Seminar in Vancouver,
BC.  I have taken the liberty of subscribing
you to an email announcement list regarding
the plans for this climb.  I (David Saum)
am the only one who can send out messages
to this list, so if you have comments please
send them to me DSaum at infiltec.com and I will
include them in my posts to the list. If you
know anyone else who is interested please send
them this message or tell them how to

If you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to this
email list, here are the directions:

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If you want to do the Climb2000 you must arrange to stay
over on Saturday July 8, and you will probably not be able
to leave Vancouver until Sunday July 9 since we may get
back late Saturday.

We are looking for a climb that is within 2 hours drive
of Vancouver.  It must be something challenging, but doable
by folks without extensive hiking experience.  No technical
climbing (no ropes or ice gear). It must have spectacular
scenery.  Since we will be in the NW, views of volcanoes and
glaciers are a must.

If you know someone with hiking experience in the area
around Vancouver, please ask them for recommendations.
Here are some possibilities that I have located on the
Web or from books:

1. General info on hiking in the Vancouver Area

1. Black Tusk and Garibaldi
(located 2 hours North of Vancouver)
The distance to the Black Tusk is the same from either
Taylor Meadows or Garibaldi Lake campgrounds; 6 km each
way with a 2580ft elevation gain. This is a beautiful hike
through alpine meadows, carpeted with flowers in August,
that culminates in a stunning view of the surrounding
glaciers and volcanoes.

2. Singing Pass and Russet Lake
(Near Whistler, 2 hours from Vancouver?)
The Singing Pass area provides magnificent views of the
Fitzsimmons and Spearhead Mountain Ranges and Cheakamus
Glacier. The slopes of the pass are sprinkled with
wild flowers in late summer

3. Climbs in the North Cascades
(About 2 hours West of Vancouver?)
I am reading a book called
"Don't Waste Your Time in the North Cascades:
An Opinionated Hiking Guide to Help You Get the
Most from This Magnificent Wilderness"
by Copeland
Don't Waste Your Time in the North Cascades
The premier hikes that are within
a 2 hour drive of Vancouver seem to be
near Mount Baker and include
A. Ptarmigan Ridge
B. Heliotrope Ridge

Note that there are some half day
hikes very close to Vancouver that
we might do on Wednesday:
   Mt Seymour - gondola ride?
   Mt Cypress
   Mt Graham

That's all the info I have so far.

This will be the third annual climb on the Saturday after
the Seminar.  
You can read about the 1998 climb of a 14,000' peak in Colorado at Climb98
For pictures of our climb of Mt Washington last year: Climb99
NOTICE: Hiking and climbing is hazardous and you must
take responsibility for your own actions.  This hike is
not officially sponsored by David Saum or by The
Objectivist Center.

Please let me know if you are planning to hike with us, and
whether you will have or car, or if you will need a
ride.  Also let me know if you have recommendations
on where to hike.
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