Are You a Professional?

		     Are you qualified to be a professional?

		    The following small quiz consists of 4 questions. 
		    It serves to determine whether or not you are 
		    qualified to be a professional. According to 
		    statistics of Andersen Worldwide, around 90% of 
		    the professionals who were tested, failed the exam.
		    (Scroll down for the answers.)

		    The questions are not that difficult. 
		    You just need to be a bit...

		1.   How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

		    The correct answer is: open the refrigerator, put the 
		    giraffe in, and close the door.
		    This question tests whether you are doing simple things
		    in a complicated way.

		2.   How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

		    Wrong Answer: open the refrigerator, put the 
		    elephant in and close the door.

		    Correct Answer: open the refrigerator, take the 
		    giraffe out, put the elephant in, and close the 
		    door. This tests your prudence.

		3.    The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. 
		    All the animals attend except one. Which animal 
		    does not attend?

		    Correct Answer: The Elephant! ...still in 
		    the refrigerator!
		    This tests whether you have a comprehensive thinking.

		    OK, if you did not answer the last three questions 
		    correctly, this one may be your last chance to prove 
		    your qualifications to be a professional.

		4.      There is a river, which is lived in by crocodiles. 
		    Your mission is to cross this river. How do you
		    manage to cross it?

		    Correct Answer: Simply swim through it. All the 
		    crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting! 
		    I hope you got this one correct!


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