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How to Design Radon Resistant
Large Buildings.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate radon
resistant features into your building.

WARNING: This information is provided as a service to our potential customers, but Infiltec, Inc. can not be
responsible for its use or misuse. Infiltec Inc. does not provide radon mitigation or testing services.

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Radon Resistant Building Design Services:
In 1986 Infiltec started working with the EPA to research how builders and architects could design radon resistant large buildings including schools, shopping centers, and office buildings. There are simple modifications to your building specifications and drawings that will incorporated passive radon resistant features and allow for simple installation of an active radon control system if the passive features are not enough. Developers and architects who are building in areas that have been cited by the EPA as having a high radon potential should consider these modifications to their buildings. Infiltec does not provide design services, but we can help you find a radon mitigator who can help you.

What Information Do You Need To Develop a Design?
Radon resistant designs are based on foundation drawings, elevations, and any available soil studies.

What Will a Radon Mitigator Provide to You?
Mitigators often generate red-lined drawings, written specifications, and sample drawings of design details. This includes:

Who Can Answer Your Questions?
For more information on Infiltec radon resistant building design services, we can recommend:

WPB Enterprises, a PA company with
worldwide experience in residential,
commercial and government
radon mitigation work.
Bill Brodhead, President of WPB Enterprises
Phone: (800) 360-8004 or (610) 346-8004

Cascade Radon, serving Oregon and Washington
with extensive experience in system design, and
radon-resistant new construction
Steve Tucker, President of Cascade Radon
Phone: (503) 421-4813, Fax: (503) 281-6170

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